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vignette / виньетка
имя существительное
рисовать виньетки
имя существительное
a brief evocative description, account, or episode.
Throughout the book, Lowenthal has inserted sidebars containing brief descriptions and vignettes summarizing the more detailed material in the text; these add a certain panache to the work.
a small illustration or portrait photograph that fades into its background without a definite border.
With its photographic vignettes set against black backgrounds, outlined and captioned in white, perhaps the album that Mary von Rosen fashioned resembles nothing so much as a silent movie.
portray (someone) in the style of a vignette.
For example, I could have describe a vignette in which I go to visit the school, dress in school uniform (steady on), and then realise that I've nothing to change into to wear to uni.
However, closer examination reveals body parts scattered around the picture, a weird purple monster off to the side and, in the background, a little vignette of a crowd of naked figures dragging a body.
a classic vignette of embassy life
During the voyage Lucy kept a sketchbook, from which she may have adapted the sketch shown in Plate VI for the vignette shown in Plate VII.
Each story is a brief vignette that reveals the athletes' successes and failures, the paths they took to climb to the top, and the realizations they had along the way.
The bottom of each drawing is curved, like a photographic vignette .
Repeat the same color two or three times within a vignette , in flowers, stems, or foliage.
Quite often the obverse carried a coat of arms, a vignette , or a portrait.
We also presented respondents four brief vignettes in which the probation officers were asked how often they would mandate alcohol treatment for the probationer described in the vignette.
Secondly, respondents were asked to decide on whether to admit to intensive care eight hypothetical patients who had been described in clinical vignettes .