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vigilance / бдительность, зоркость, вигильность
имя существительное
vigilance, alertness, guard, watch, look-out
vigilance, sharp-sightedness
имя существительное
the action or state of keeping careful watch for possible danger or difficulties.
Constant vigilance is the only possible response to the terrifying Rise of The Machines.
These standards deserve constant vigilance as science in the media becomes a distinct profession.
In a situation that we face today constant vigilance and care are imperative.
Congratulations for your vigilance in watching the government and thereby protecting us all.
He said vigilance was the best way to protect small children from danger.
It is also required to maintain constant vigilance against external threats to the integrity and vitality of the body.
Media companies were given a warning last night to maintain constant vigilance .
Prevention is one of those things that is something that needs constant vigilance .
These guys certainly show, in my mind, why they should be under constant vigilance .
The watch and vigilance of the learned members of the judiciary effectively supplements their role.
But without its constant vigilance , it is very unlikely York would have survived as the city it is today.