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viewing / рассматривание
имя существительное
viewing, perusal, sight
имя существительное
the action of inspecting or looking at something.
the owner may allow viewing by appointment
look at or inspect (something).
the public can view the famous hall with its unique staircase
regard in a particular light or with a particular attitude.
farmers are viewing the rise in rabbit numbers with concern
The BBC claim that their viewing figures will be low if the game kicks off early on that Saturday.
the film is quite unsuitable for family viewing
Privileges such as television viewing should be rewards for chores completed.
While online viewing doesn't allow you to examine the tactile nature of the prints, it presents a good opportunity to view a wide variety of work in a short period of time.
A thick curtain of dried palm raffia obscured the facade of the shrine; this barrier is removed to allow public viewing only at certain moments on festival days.
The BDA plans to display large maps and zonal regulations contained in this CDP at a central location for public viewing .
Researchers soon realized that these shafts allowed for viewing of the stars, consistent with the Ancient Egyptian beliefs that some of their gods and dead pharaohs exist in the sky as stars.
Forty percent of all television viewing is now to ad-supported cable, according to industry representatives.
The title is freehold and viewing is strictly by appointment through Sothern Auctioneers Limited.
The coming month will see the first public viewing of work by a new generation of Scottish artists as art schools send their final year students into the big wide world.