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viewer / зритель, осмотрщик, окуляр стереоскопа
имя существительное
viewer, spectator, onlooker, beholder, bystander, looker-on
окуляр стереоскопа
имя существительное
a person who looks at or inspects something.
Vettriano's skill lies in his ability to create narrative paintings with which the viewer becomes involved.
a device for looking at slides or similar photographic images.
I use the Linhof optical viewer to visualize images and try different compositions.
I cut the whole thing with a Moviscope, which is just a silent film viewer , and a pair of rewinds.
the viewer of paintings or sculpture
Finally, there are some DVD-ROM extras in the form of a screenplay viewer and weblinks.
The viewer is faced only with the bare-faced reality of the painting on the canvas.
Through this stripping away, he enables his paintings to relate to the viewer on a human scale and at a pace almost as gradual as life itself.
The image display in the viewer window actually is a label widget in the center of the dialog.
a slide viewer
The New College Chapel offers even more surprising treasures for the observant viewer .
The viewer is first confronted with a painting depicting a large telephone.
It makes its point, calls for a revolution of the couch potatoes, and leaves it up to the viewer to work out how it all fits together.