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vie / соперничать
rival, contend, vie, emulate, war
compete eagerly with someone in order to do or achieve something.
rival mobs vying for control of the liquor business
Players can set up their own league or vie with competitors on the Internet.
They are driven by a blind process of competition in which firms vie to grab a larger share of markets and profits than their rivals.
This past Monday brought out a good field of competitors to vie for the bragging rights.
Oinomaos had invited suitors to vie for Hippodameia by competing with him in a chariot race.
Hellas is an intense little contest where two players vie to control ten cities in ancient Greece.
They spent more time vying for prizes at the Royal Television Society than competing for business.
A gold drinking horn with a lion's head vies with a life-size golden fish for the title of most gorgeous thing on display.
They are asked to oversee the maintenance of order in a convoluted struggle between rival groups vying for power.
Children in all kinds of outfits vied with each other to receive gifts from radio jockey Ajai, who was dressed as the paunchy Santa Claus for the event.
People can be spotted jostling around and vying with each other to have their bags full of commodities.