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videotape / видеокассета
имя существительное
videotape, videocassette
записывать на видеокассету
имя существительное
magnetic tape for recording and reproducing visual images and sound.
The images and sound from videotape are hugely inferior to DVD.
make a video recording of (an event or broadcast).
his arrest was videotaped
Students devised a scenario for a new horror film, on the basis of which they then produced a video cover and an opening sequence of still images dubbed onto videotape with a soundtrack.
She was freshly made-up and her hair was neatly styled, presenting a sharp contrast to the tired, ill images of her on videotape while she was still a captive.
Now he is the officer who was shown on the videotape .
They actually look at that videotape, that raw videotape and talk about it in a more in-depth way.
Forever etched into our memory is that image: the grainy videotape of a woman with chocolate-brown skin wearing cornrows.
Thus, his memory of Lisa is mediated by this black-and-white videotape recording which includes significantly the off-screen presence of Christina.
Grab a camcorder, and videotape birthday wishes ahead of time from each guest.
If there are eight videotape machines with four channels of audio, that's 32 channels to record.
The audio segments were recorded onto videotape , with a blank visual field showing on the screen, in order to standardize the presentation of all segments.
I realize I'm biased, but I have to think that if the videotape really was worse than the transcript, then it must have been pretty bad.