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video / видео, изображение, видеомагнитофон
имя существительное
picture, image, icon, representation, depiction, video
video, videorecorder
имя прилагательное
television, video, tele, televisual, telecasting
связанный с телевидением
имя существительное
the recording, reproducing, or broadcasting of moving visual images.
The trust has provided seven school systems with audio and video equipment, including, of course, free cable.
a recording of moving visual images made digitally or on videotape.
they sat down to watch a video
record on videotape.
he declined an invitation to be videoed
Earlier the bench, chaired by Janet Child, had watched a video filmed by Elliott as she photographed the two women.
The Ring made watching the video scary, and The Grudge… well, try walking into a dark room after you've seen it.
No phones currently include 1394, though this could change in the future as more phones support video and images.
But now the problem is that I have to watch the video that was recorded of me, and pick out one spot to show my tutor.
Throughout his busy day, Paul finds time to look for Harry but also to film a video , record some songs, and daydream.
a site on which people can post their own video clips
The entire building is wired with high-tech audio, video , and communication systems.
We went out to dine last night, so I set the video to tape Maria Callas: Living and Dying for Art and Love.
His life changed forever when he watched a video of the cult film The Blues Brothers, starring John Belushi and Dan Ackroyd.
An erotic life is, for more and more people, that which can be captured in digital photographs and on video .