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victimless / без жертв
имя прилагательное
denoting a crime in which there is no injured party.
Justice Minister Michael McDowell said white-collar crime was not victimless and its effects were felt across the economy.
According to critics, the result was to incentivize public interest groups and lawyers to ferret out even essentially victimless corporate wrongdoing - consisting of minor, technical infractions.
Taking the theme ‘We All Love Leeds’ the leaflet stresses that racism and racist abuse are not victimless acts and it answers typical statements used to excuse abuse.
It is a fact that, in practice, we regard prostitution as a victimless offence.
No activity that society thinks immoral is victimless .
A victimless tragedy evolves and the tally rises.
I would legalise the lot - down with laws against victimless vices!
However, the moral aspect of a victimizing behavior is quite different from the moral aspect of a victimless behavior (contrast libertarian and moralistic principles).
The participants are adults, they know what they are in for and if it is a travesty of human dignity, it is a victimless travesty because they want to do it and we want to watch it.
Such crimes are not victimless : they make victims of us all.
The larger lesson of [this] grim news is that the macho, brawling style of politics is not the victimless sport its participants fondly imagine…