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vicissitude / превратность, перемена, злоключения
имя существительное
reverse, vicissitude, mutation
change, turn, shift, break, alteration, vicissitude
имя существительное
a change of circumstances or fortune, typically one that is unwelcome or unpleasant.
her husband's sharp vicissitudes of fortune
the vicissitude of the seasons
the vicissitude of the seasons
However, such were the vicissitudes of English fortunes that the link with wealth was far more complex than King and Defoe appeared to recognize.
Prevailing orthodoxy is that children are psychically frail creatures who require constant protection to cope with life's vicissitudes .
Governments cannot protect citizens from all the circumstances and vicissitudes of life.
If that isn't an antidote to the vicissitudes of life, then what is?
These are the vicissitudes of all life forms, including humans.
He took refuge in booze and the beginnings of drug availability, and was headed, if not for catastrophe, at least for significant vicissitudes .
Their crass intrusion into these areas as the face of public authority claiming to protect women from the vicissitudes of interpersonal strife is destined to end in disaster.
Perhaps nothing can demonstrate the city's vicissitudes better than the changes of its landmarks.