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vice / порок, заместитель, тиски
имя существительное
vice, defect, flaw, sin, fault, evil
deputy, vice, alternate, substitute, proxy, surrogate
vise, vice, grip, gripe, jaws, clamp
instead, vice
instead of, in place of, for, in lieu of, vice
зажимать в тиски
vise, vice
clench, squeeze, fasten, lock, set, vice
compress, squeeze, clench, contract, constrict, vice
имя существительное
immoral or wicked behavior.
Machiavelli sometimes associates these passions and desires which are inherent to human nature with vice and corruption and immoral, blameworthy, wicked, and dishonourable conduct.
as a substitute for.
the letter was drafted by David Hunt, vice Bevin who was ill
acting as deputy or substitute for; next in rank.
The subtext is that this is a story of a personal vice , usually greed, on the part of the trader or his managers or both.
Before these secondments, he spent four years as a detective at Sydney's Waverley station, working drugs and vice .
He was being investigated on suspicion of vice , gambling, crimes of violence, loan sharking and money laundering.
Mostly they work at low paid jobs, some are starving and cold, others turn to prostitution and vice to make ends meet until their big break comes.
In his 30 years as a police officer, Charlie Jones worked patrol, vice , narcotics, robbery, auto theft and homicide.
Corruption as a vice affects people from all walks of life and it is important that everybody and anybody, who is willing and able, should be involved to fight the scourge that is eating at the heart of our society today.
We will be frequently using these orders to combat vice and the directly-associated crime.
I have long been puzzled by the supposed crackdown on drugs and vice that steadfastly ignored the home grown Thai problem of all pervasive corruption.
Their pleasure was not happiness, contemporaries charged, but egotism, immorality, indulgence, and vice .
With this shift, connections between drug use and vice and crime had become much stronger in public discourse.