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vicarious / чужой, заместительный, косвенный
имя прилагательное
foreign, alien, strange, vicarious, unfamiliar, another's
indirect, circumstantial, oblique, collateral, objective, vicarious
имя прилагательное
experienced in the imagination through the feelings or actions of another person.
I could glean vicarious pleasure from the struggles of my imaginary film friends
His wife realises they're onto a money spinner and people are soon queuing to experience vicarious fame.
I didn't have any fellow Sox fans with me to enjoy the game with, after all, and I'm certainly highly-evolved enough to value real experiences with friends over vicarious ones with strangers.
Jews, I had read and heard (including from many Jews), simply do not believe in vicarious atonement, whereas Christians obviously do.
Still, even if expressed by a metaphor some might find ostentatious, vicarious atonement as a concept was nothing outlandish in first-century Jerusalem.
If there's an experience you really want to have, then all you have to do convince the world they should support you in this expedition, and that your report will give them a vicarious experience worth having paid for.
A major problem with Wright is that, if he does hold to Christ's vicarious atonement, he believes Christ died for and will save all men.
Empathy and familiarity with someone gives rise to a vicarious capacity to experience his responses, a kind of second nature.
Today, the topics of interaction tend to be vicarious experiences manufactured by and mediated through one of the major channels of pop culture, be it television, radio or print.
Most Christians, although they may be suspicious of vicarious confession, do believe in vicarious atonement: the idea that someone's virtue or suffering can benefit someone else.
To begin with, we receive vicarious pleasure in observing the celebrity fulfil our wishes to act in relative freedom of neurotic and societal restraints.