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vibration / вибрация, колебания, вибрирование
имя существительное
vibration, vibrancy, oscillation, shake, chatter, judder
vibration, wavering, scruple, straddle, boggle
vibration, thrill
имя существительное
an instance of vibrating.
powerful vibrations from an earthquake
I have to say I am mighty impressed by its rumbling vibration , even though it was only used as part of the orchestra.
Increased vibration is not what is needed on an already bumpy track.
The whole universe is also vibrating at a certain vibration per second.
As soon as the flaps are extended and you start down, you will be conscious of a slight vibration or buffeting.
the high frequencies of vibration in diamond
There is a bulkhead styled like a helicopter and underfloor hydraulics to recreate the sickening vibration of one.
the big-capacity engine generated less vibration
the big-capacity engine generated less vibration
The atmosphere of the cottage was thick with uneasy vibrations , and as she ascended the staircase, they grew stronger.
The two things most likely to kill a hard drive before it has completed its expected life are shocks and vibrations .