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vibe / вибе
имя существительное
a person's emotional state or the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others.
a lot of moody people giving off bad vibes
You've been around the Senate for a long time, what sort of vibe do you get from the Government today?
I was in this bar on a Friday night, the vibe and ambience was chilled with funky back beats.
The bustling vibe adds to the atmosphere rather than detracting from your enjoyment.
Long-time residents of the area like the low crime rate, the quiet atmosphere and the small-town vibe .
Many of those early residents still remain in Venice Beach, contributing to the vibe of free-love and environmental peace that continues to this day.
I'd never previously experienced such a positive vibe in a club environment.
Some DJs couldn't understand my positive vibe and couldn't handle sharing the spotlight, but after truly listening to my unique style, they gave me love.
Those who yearn for the good old warehouse days are going to appreciate the jazzy, ambient vibe .
It wasn't the world's most extravagant theatre complex, but it had this sort of historical vibe about it.
Expect the same trashy rock and electro vibe in a more intimate and debauched atmosphere.