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via / через
via, across, throughout
through, via, in, across, over, after
traveling through (a place) en route to a destination.
they came to Europe via Turkey
Motorists can travel in and out of Bolton town centre via Blackburn Road as an alternative.
If the file is to large to send via email, you're left trying to find other ways to send it.
I'm not usually the kind of person who publicises the private contents of emails sent to me via this site.
If anyone has any further information on this incident send it via email as comments are closed on this post.
If the Congress is to rule on its own strength in times to come it must travel via Uttar Pradesh.
Getting studious and getting ahead via training is a simultaneous theme.
Anti-racism announcements were also made via the club's public address system on match days.
By then it is believed the pair had already flown to Paris, via Heathrow.
If you follow the scheme above, you can send a message anonymously via a Web-based account.
Brown judges success by statistics showing how much cash has been taken from high earners to the poor via tax credits.