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vex / досаждать, раздражать, дразнить
annoy, plague, molest, vex, torment, spite
provoke, irritate, displease, annoy, exasperate, vex
tease, badger, pick on, vex, rib, dangle
make (someone) feel annoyed, frustrated, or worried, especially with trivial matters.
the memory of the conversation still vexed him
Times and editors change, and now instead of letters, the magazine chooses to vex their readers by not offering indices of back issues online.
She'd given him no instructions just as the stresses of his situation began to vex him.
thou shalt not vex a stranger
Yesterday, he was vexed and frustrated as the weekend's fatalities ensured a flood of calls from journalists.
Lashing out against vexers doesn't get you a column and a half in The New York Times and editorials in 250 newspapers.
His prices were too high for the Venetian grandees, who were as careful as himself with money, whilst the religious orders vexed him with quibbles and indecision.
The finding sheds further light on a question that has vexed scientists for years: How do birds navigate between nesting areas separated by thousands of miles with pinpoint accuracy?
What vexed me enough that all those details would matter, however, was the film's treatment of women.
It really vexes me to see that so many people believe that they should be able to dictate what a blogger does or does not write about.
As a social activist, she was vexed by the invisibility of significant sections of the community - the homeless, the overweight and the elderly.