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vet / ветеринар, ветеран, ветеринарный врач
имя существительное
veterinarian, veterinary, vet, veterinary surgeon, cow-leech
veteran, vet, old stager, old-timer, war-horse
ветеринарный врач
veterinarian, veterinary surgeon, veterinary, vet, doctor
check, verify, check out, test, examine, vet
explore, investigate, examine, study, research, vet
treat, cure, doctor, nurse, vet
имя прилагательное
со стажем
veteran, vet
deserved, honored, distinguished, emeritus, veteran, vet
venerable, veteran, vet
имя существительное
a veterinary surgeon.
He reported the case immediately to the local veterinary station and two vets came to the farm within half an hour to find another 200 ducks had died.
a veteran.
‘The movement has always had a lot of old-timers, and a lot of vets ,’ said Bourgeois, a Vietnam veteran himself.
make a careful and critical examination of (something).
proposals for vetting large takeover bids
This will allow the vet to insure the dog's health as well as test for parasites that may be there.
In addition, Alliance retains legal counsel to vet its business practices, including diversity initiatives.
They didn't vet the story the way they should have.
For the vetting procedure, we have now established a procedure to scrutinize and meticulously vet our intelligence agencies' recruits.
The spokesman said the animals were inspected by the RSPCA and a government vet .
If your dog is old or in poor health, check with your vet before increasing exercise.
This committee will vet forex loan proposals in excess of $500 million, and give its view to the central bank on the merits of the same.
Make sure to talk to your vet before using one of these hairball remedies for long periods of time though.
Reader Stephen Mills alerted us to the company's stringent security checks which vet potential purchasers.
Richard Gowshall, a vet at the Eastcott Veterinary Clinic, was shocked to hear Daisy had given birth to another 14 puppies.