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vestment / облачение, одеяние, одежда
имя существительное
vestment, habit, investiture, pall, vest, investment
apparel, garment, robe, dress, garb, vestment
clothes, clothing, garments, garment, dress, vestment
имя существительное
a chasuble or other robe worn by the clergy or choristers during services.
The liturgical vestments worn by the priest also indicate this.
What is the role of lighting in the display of the colors of vestments or robes?
Study, then, is a habit as desirable as her religious vestments , the garb of potential spiritual insight.
The priestly vestments were designed to cover the body in multiple layers, each layer exaggerating the size of legs, torso and head.
They would gratefully spend time during the week preparing a homily, then go down the street Sunday morning, put on some vestments and say Mass in their own parish communities.
Now the Pope had reached the elevated altar, his green vestments reflecting the Irishness of the occasion.
Trying to get into it in full vestments was always something of a challenge.
Indeed there was more incense and ornate vestments than I have seen in a Catholic service for some time.
In addition to painting and sculpture, the collections include displays of silver, ecclesiastical ornaments and vestments , furniture, and altars.
It is a sombre painting with the only bright colour provided by the clergymen's vestments and by the headscarves of the women.
This holiday celebration began in the morning, with clergy clad in white vestments and a choir singing Gregorian chant.