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vested / законный, облаченный, принадлежащий по праву
имя прилагательное
law, legitimate, legal, rightful, lawful, vested
принадлежащий по праву
rightful, vested
имя прилагательное
secured in the possession of or assigned to a person.
a state law vested the ownership of all wild birds to the individual counties
supplied or worn with a vest.
Across it's chest, a vested blood red ‘X’, connected to a red cape, flowing behind it's back.
wearing vestments.
‘Heat activity reaching optimal readings,’ said the vested man.
confer or bestow (power, authority, property, etc.) on someone.
executive power is vested in the president
(of a chorister or member of the clergy) put on vestments.
We discussed the service as I vested , then waited in the sacristy for the sound of feet on the chapel floor.
No ascertained individual was therefore cut off by an alienation inter vivos; an heir apparent or presumptive had an expectation of inheriting, but not a vested estate.
In this context his appeal to arms is not too dissimilar from that employed by the South at Fort Sumpter when they believed their vested rights were in dire jeopardy in the democratic United States.
He exercised his vested options shortly after leaving Halliburton and then sold his shares - at an extremely favorable price - walking away with more than $30 million.
A vested right protects developer investments from subsequent zoning change.
A participant's loan may be secured by up to 50 percent of the participant's vested balance under the plan.
You have to be over 49 and under 75 to buy an immediate vested pension (if you are 75 or over, you can no longer contribute to personal pensions).
Alexander begins the film as a socially awkward scientist, bumbling and sweet, with a penchant for pocket watches and professorish vested suits.
The options exercise represents an approximate 4% stake of outstanding and vested options for both officers.
Because Jane is leaving before she accrued any vested balance, she must forfeit the contributions that were made to her money-purchase-pension account at ABC Company.
The sales pitch is usually aimed at those who may know they will receive an inheritance or cash windfall in the future from vested share options, large bonuses or a cash lump sum from their pension fund.