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vespers / вечерня, всенощная
имя существительное
vespers, evensong
имя существительное
a service of evening prayer in the Divine Office of the Western Christian Church (sometimes said earlier in the day).
After vespers (an evening service), the celebration continues outside the church.
The daily liturgical cycle began in the evening with vespers , following the Jewish reckoning by which the day begins at sunset.
Luckier still, we might find a vespers service at 7 p.m., and a much anticipated pilgrims' meal in a local restaurant.
The office is a pattern of nonsacramental prayer services that are celebrated at regular times of the day or night, primarily lauds in the morning and vespers at night.
There was also what they call vespers at night which went for an hour or two hours, so you were actually in session for a minimum of four hours every day, more likely five or six hours every day.
With the household interns we observe the ancient practice of fixed-hour prayer, keeping whenever possible four offices each day: morning prayers, midday prayers, vespers , and compline.
His religious conversion came on Christmas Eve, when he went to Notre Dame during vespers in search of what he called ‘decadent exercises’: the quasi-religious tropes of which the symbolist poets were fond.
She and a friend go to Sunday morning services, share a leisurely lunch they bring from home, and afterwards attend the vespers .
After vespers (an evening service), the celebration continues outside the church.
During vespers one day, the crucifix lit up and a voice spoke: ‘Francis, do you not see how my house is falling into ruin?’
After vespers and meditation the monks sit down to evening supper which is eaten in silence while they listen to readings from scripture.