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vesper / вечерняя звезда, вечер, вечерний звон
имя существительное
вечерняя звезда
evening star, Hesperus, vesper
evening, night, soiree, eve, even, vesper
вечерний звон
curfew, vesper, vesper-bell
имя существительное
evening prayer.
vesper service
Devoted to her faith, she attended both laud and vesper masses daily whereas the king avoided religious duties, delegating them whenever possible.
The violinist forms the tenderest of silhouettes against the backdrop of the single, solitary window-sill, admiring only the sound and the ebonied vesper .
His vesper psalms were important for establishing the practice of writing for double choir, which was to become a special feature of Venetian music.
vesper service
vesper service
One evening following vespers mass, Emmanuelle robed and veiled all in black so that she remained completely incognito stepped into the dark confessional, knowing Father Connor was on the opposite side.
There are the bouquets of roses on Mother's Day, and the standing ovation she received during a Greek Week vespers service.