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vesicle / везикул, пузырек, везикула
имя существительное
bubble, vial, vesicle, phial, bead, bulb
cavity, chamber, hollow, void, hole, vesicle
полость в породе или минерале
имя существительное
a fluid- or air-filled cavity or sac, in particular.
In infants and small children, the scabies rash may include vesicles , pustules, or nodules, and the head and neck may not be spared.
The gray bar in the middle of the image represents the virtual projection of spectrometer slit onto the vesicle .
Infected animals excrete virus in exhaled air, in saliva, in milk, in semen, in faeces, in urine and in ruptured vesicle fluid.
Skin infection begins as a raised itchy bump that resembles an insect bite but within one-two days develops into a vesicle and then a painless ulcer.
Plant vesicle trafficking will serve similar functions to those seen in animals and yeast.
This process allows the vesicles to dock to that part of the membrane where the neurotransmitters are due to be released into the synapse (the active zone).
Others were highly vesiculated and contained discrete but degenerating organelles, such as nuclei and mitochondria.
Neurons must recycle a finite number of vesicles .
Painful papules then occur, which progress to vesicles that ulcerate and eventually heal by developing crusts.
A three-year-old boy presented with a vesicular rash on the right flank and right buttock.
In fact, she had beautiful skin apart from the scattered vesicles caused by the chicken pox.