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vertiginous / головокружительный, крутящийся, страдающий головокружением
имя прилагательное
dizzy, breakneck, giddy, vertiginous, splitting
страдающий головокружением
имя прилагательное
causing vertigo, especially by being extremely high or steep.
vertiginous drops to the valleys below
Suddenly, just ahead, it plunged down into the most vertiginous descent I'd ever seen, not counting the Drop Zone at the local amusement park.
Whereas Light Extracts took you from vertiginous loops to sheer noise terror, Connected's delights emerge in the details.
To reach the outside world, you have to drive 50 miles of vertiginous , winding canyon roads, where cell-phone service is dodgy at best.
This year's vertiginous drop in the Nasdaq market has caused Shin to rethink its timing, but its preparations are well advanced.
As she lifted herself up from the computer console, walking towards her cabin in a dizzy, almost vertiginous way, she tripped on a sharp object.
Often using samples with their pitch shifted upwards, he makes the tracks ripple around Jay-Z's voice, lighter than air and slightly vertiginous .
And the percentage of total births that are illegitimate has held relatively steady in recent years, after a vertiginous 50-year climb.
Hadid's graphics remind me of the steep perspectives and vertiginous sweep of illustrations in science fiction comics.
In this vertiginous mode, Armantrout can sound less like other ‘Language writers’ than like an improbably terse stand-up comic.
The other sightseers will not distract you as you gaze in awed silence (or perhaps vertiginous terror) at the fairy-tale islands of rock amidst the cloud.