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vertical / вертикаль, вертикальная линия, перпендикуляр
имя существительное
vertical, file, elevation
вертикальная линия
perpendicular, normal, vertical
имя прилагательное
vertical, upright, erect, plumb, portrait, upstanding
sheer, steep, vertical, plumb, bluff, precipitous
имя прилагательное
at right angles to a horizontal plane; in a direction, or having an alignment, such that the top is directly above the bottom.
the vertical axis
denoting a point at the zenith or the highest point of something.
of or relating to the crown of the head.
The aberrant vessel can be traced to the middle ear with an apparent absence of the right vertical carotid canal.
involving different levels of a hierarchy or progression, in particular.
The human being possesses levels of reality situated in the vertical hierarchy of body, soul and spirit.
имя существительное
a vertical line or plane.
the columns incline several degrees away from the vertical
an upright structure.
we remodeled the opening with a simple lintel and unadorned verticals
the distance between the highest and lowest points of a ski area.
the resort claims a vertical of 2100 meters
Well informed general practitioners can and should play a part in preventing vertical transmission of HIV.
‘We are a completely vertical toy company, like none other,’ Booker says.
Leach's worry is that vertical integration will stifle competition.
Friction with the table top forces the egg to rise up in a series of little jerks, and this shifts the axis of symmetry somewhat towards the vertical .
The initial approach was to have different block exemptions for different types of vertical agreement.
That's why Resolve is designed to encourage vertical work.
Simeon shoots with a recurve bow in which the ends curve up to the vertical whereas a long bow is D-shaped.
Their eyes fluttered across the breadth of vertical and horizontal planes, missing no detail of change.
The great sugar entrepreneur also saw the profit to be made in vertical integration.
These are vertical planes of horizontally stacked planks of wood backed by a pole or beam planted in the ground.