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vertex / вершина, темя, вертекс
имя существительное
vertex, top, summit, peak, apex, pinnacle
crown, vertex, sinciput
имя существительное
the highest point; the top or apex.
But what vertices of anxiety lie behind the gentle opposition of town and country, youth and age when Janice arrives in Dulwich.
each angular point of a polygon, polyhedron, or other figure.
Einstein observes that the Menelaus theorem is symmetric with respect to the vertices of the triangle.
The vertex representing k is the final state of the kth chain.
She has been left with extensive scars and areas of alopecia on the vertex , occipital, and right parietal regions of her head.
The Sahasrara or crown chakra is related to the pituitary gland and externalizes at the vertex of the scalp.
The frequency of each morph increases from the one side of the triangle to the opposite vertex .
Each vertex unit can have one vector and one scalar operation in flight simultaneously.
Bond angles are calculated using the central atom as the vertex of the bond angle.
This will protect the perineum and assist in extension of the head as the vertex passes the symphysis.
In wild-type flies, the head vertex is symmetrical and composed of three distinct domains.
The game begins at one particular vertex , corresponding to the starting position of the game.
As the head clears the pubic symphysis, the vertex is pulled upward at an angle of 45 degrees to the floor.