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vertebra / позвонок, позвоночник
имя существительное
spine, backbone, vertebra, chine
имя существительное
each of the series of small bones forming the backbone, having several projections for articulation and muscle attachment, and a hole through which the spinal cord passes.
The neural spines in posterior dorsal vertebrae lack distinct lateral projections.
If the lumbar vertebra is completely anterior to the sacral base, spondylolisthesis has occurred.
The ventral keel is partially broken, but is observed to vanish near the middle of the ventral surface of the vertebra .
The transverse process of the seventh vertebra may be bifid, and occasionally the costal process is replaced by a cervical rib.
Males possess a larger spine on the first vertebra behind the pelvic girdle.
she crushed a vertebra in a fall at Chepstow
A fracture of the transverse process of a lumbar vertebra may damage the ureter.
An abdominal film showed multiple vertebral anomalies in the sacrum.
Another of the positions is keeping the back straight and erect, with the vertebrae of the spinal column in a straight line.
Running through a small channel toward the rear of the vertebrae is the spinal cord.
Many arterial branches arise from the vertebral and basilar artery to supply the medulla oblongata and the pons.