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versus / против, в сравнении с
versus, opposite, contra, up, for, gainst
в сравнении с
against (especially in sports and legal use).
Penn versus Princeton
The good versus evil theme gets a bit of a work out, as people try to demonize Leland.
Your friend can play the opposite role of passive versus aggressive and so on.
As for Dell, meanwhile, Livermore played the innovation versus commodity card.
There are numerous fixtures featuring the desperate versus the indifferent.
As always happens in such situations, the end result is likely to be a bitter club versus country war of words.
We leafleted the Oldham versus Bury local derby football game and got a great response.
weighing the pros and cons of organic versus inorganic produce
The trope of opening night is related to a thematic motif: disaster versus success.
Nairn County versus Rothes was postponed because of a waterlogged park.
The matter of UK versus US English continues to provoke erudite and informed opinion.