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versatile / разносторонний, гибкий, многосторонний
имя прилагательное
versatile, miscellaneous, diversified, various, spacious, variegated
flexible, supple, versatile, elastic, pliable, lithe
multilateral, versatile, multi-faceted, diversified, many-sided, all-around
multi-faceted, polyhedral, versatile, many-sided
mobile, agile, motile, fluid, spry, versatile
имя прилагательное
able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities.
a versatile sewing machine
changeable; inconstant.
A highly versatile property that has been sympathetically restored and upgraded to exacting standards.
These versatile molecules function as catalysts in the hydrogen peroxide bleaching process.
But here's the catch: this amazingly versatile and femme fatale dress costs $150.
Soup is versatile enough to be eaten at every meal.
And when content creation and experience matters, the personal computer remains a remarkably versatile tool.
There are accessories and battery options available to make them even more versatile .
His musical instrument is versatile enough for most melodies.
‘They're versatile , they're tasty and they're good for you,’ she said.
The company recognizes the need for hybrid extrudables with unitary construction to function in versatile , custom configurations.
Professional armies were expected to be versatile enough to adapt as needed to the enemies they faced.