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vermin / паразиты, вредители, сброд
имя существительное
rabble, rag-tag, vermin, canaille, populace, rag-tag and bobtail
имя существительное
wild mammals and birds that are believed to be harmful to crops, farm animals, or game, or that carry disease, e.g., foxes, rodents, and insect pests.
Spilt feed, litter and standing water attract wild birds and vermin .
They are not vermin - they are part of our society and they also have ambitions.
Rats are disease-carrying vermin and they should be eradicated.
In this Bharat, the uncivilised savages claim the mantle of culture and the traitorous vermin parade as sentinels of nationalism.
There are issues of public safety concerning the pub in its current state and it is attracting vermin such as pigeons.
the vermin who ransacked her house
Ravenscourt Park forbids the feeding of ducks as this encourages vermin and disease.
These include habitats where vermin , reptiles or insects gather and, according to Al Biruni, deserted places, prisons and places of grief and mourning.
The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has been called in to try to tackle the vermin on a pig farm.
Foxes are not the predatory vermin some would like us to believe they are at all.
Finding most of your vermin enemies is relatively easy.