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vermilion / киноварь, сульфид ртути, ярко-красный цвет
имя существительное
cinnabar, vermilion, vermeil
сульфид ртути
ярко-красный цвет
vermilion, vermeil, ruby, scarlet, fire red, turkey red
имя прилагательное
scarlet, red, damask, incarnadine, vermilion, carnation
cardinal, vermeil, ruby, vermilion, scarlet
красить киноварью
vermilion, miniate
окрашивать в ярко-красный цвет
имя существительное
a brilliant red pigment made from mercury sulfide (cinnabar).
The two paint boxes were found to contain Prussian blue, chrome yellow, vermilion (a red mercury sulfide pigment), and red earth.
Rich hues of madder red, vermilion , saffron, and black are used in myriad combinations of stripes and checks.
The vermilion bloom stands regally, like a blessing cardinal.
vermilion streaks of sunset
In fact, principle songwriter John Davis leads off the album with the lines, ‘She is one in a billion / With lips of vermilion .’
a lateral stripe of vermilion
Fauvist dashes of vermilion , viridian, brown and black against a white ground form a skeletal stick figure with a ram's head.
At the center, a glass object drenched in a pool of vermilion and gold recalls Harold Edgerton's famous ‘Milk Drop’ stroboscopic images.
Between and behind them background tones show through - algae green, glowing vermilion .
If you are near the dye vermilion , you will be stained red, if you are close to black ink, you will be stained black.
The surface of the water was dyed with vermilion .