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verity / истина, истинность, правда
имя существительное
true, truth, verity, fact, sooth
verity, reality, realness
truth, sooth, verity, veracity
имя существительное
a true principle or belief, especially one of fundamental importance.
the eternal verities
Yet with The Quiet American, Noyce aims at verity , not controversy; he seeks admission, not outrage.
I imagine Winthrop and myself in these respective roles and almost choke on my drink at the ludicrousness but strange verity of the thought.
Are you sometimes concerned about the verity of what you read on the internet?
They argued that discussion led to verity and gave enlightened public opinion the force of law.
Their over-educated leader, Mr Mugabe, illustrates perfectly the verity of an ancient proverb: much learning does not teach sense.
And once that kind of liberal verity of free speech seems to be under threat, then the commentators come out and criticism rains down.
The unspoken underlying verity was that there were no residents of Abu Hishma who would voluntarily turn them over.
This year, the principle will be treated as an eternal verity .
In a world where all nonrelativistic truth has been abolished, the relativity principle itself is proclaimed as a universal verity .
David, the meticulous neoclassicist, insisted upon the verity of his work.