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veritable / настоящий, истинный, подлинный
имя прилагательное
present, real, true, actual, genuine, veritable
true, genuine, veritable, very, proper, perfect
authentic, genuine, true, original, honest, veritable
имя прилагательное
used as an intensifier, often to qualify a metaphor.
the early 1970s witnessed a veritable price explosion
At the prisoner of war camp at Springvale there is a certain Captain Waterston who is a veritable Nero.
What with ripened berries, snails, slugs and insects, there was a veritable feast on offer.
Errors of judgment seem inspired, and the few shards of true inspiration sound like veritable masterpieces.
She knew all too well that the man with the bigger reach strives to avoid fighting in close like a veritable plague.
Then there is the little library which is a veritable treasure trove on Kangra's rich heritage.
Critics, especially the press, both local and foreign, have descended like veritable vultures.
This contains a veritable outpouring of medieval art; frescoes cover most of the interior walls and porch.
With Horace the body of criticism is a veritable totem pole whose foundation goes back to ancient times.
Women's presence in civil and political society is a veritable moral reproach.
I was speaking with a veritable banshee of a woman: red-headed, a writer and a boxer.