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verily / истинно, поистине
truly, verily
truly, verily, in truth, virtually, in sooth, in all verity
truly; certainly.
I verily believed myself to be a free woman
It says, ‘I hereby declare under penalty of election falsification, that the statements above are true as I verily believe.’
I verily believed myself to be a free woman
Some may be prepared to swear to an affidavit and say they were told and verily believe that this was so.
Truth must you tell, he says, for truth is God, and verily , it is the only God I know.
This is, I verily believe it, the worst used labouring people upon the face of the earth.
verily these men are mad
I verily believe the HIAB loader lost power since the crane/arm fell down dropping the scaffolding boards.