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verge / грань, край, обочина
имя существительное
face, facet, verge, edge, margin, plane
edge, region, end, margin, side, verge
roadside, curb, shoulder, verge, wayside, kerb
approach, come near, approximate, near, nigh, verge
tend, slope, decline, verge
имя существительное
an edge or border.
they came down to the verge of the lake
a wand or rod carried before a bishop or dean as an emblem of office.
‘I will carry on looking after the verges until they (the council) shoot me,’ he said.
approach (something) closely; be close or similar to (something).
despair verging on the suicidal
incline in a certain direction or toward a particular state.
his style verged into the art nouveau school
they came down to the verge of the lake
My voice has got so loud that it is on the verge of breaking.
We're just at the verge of starting to really understand from the molecular level to the systems level how the brain works.
I screamed through my closed door, near the verge of tears.
And then she turned to her friend, who seemed on the verge of collapsing.
The girl began to whimper again, and looked on the verge of tears.
At one point, an eye-witness saw it throw up dirt and grass from the nearside verge .
they came down to the verge of the lake
"Matt and Kirsten are on the verge of breaking up, " Lily said.
Only if society is on the verge of collapse can a communist revolution succeed.