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verdict / вердикт, мнение, суждение
имя существительное
verdict, deliverance
opinion, view, mind, belief, say, verdict
judgment, assertion, assessment, verdict, estimation, advice
имя существительное
a decision on a disputed issue in a civil or criminal case or an inquest.
the jury returned a verdict of ‘not guilty.’
The California court held that peer review evidence was inadmissible and upheld a jury verdict for the defendant.
The opinion poll will reveal the public's verdict on what level of council tax should be set for next year.
His statement comes five days before Libya's Supreme Court gives a final verdict on the appeal of the trial.
I'm anxious to know your verdict on me
Wiltshire's deputy coroner William Bache delivered a verdict of accidental death.
He refuses even though he and his friends believe the court's verdict unjust.
Each competitor had to sing two numbers before the judges made their verdict .
Well, the public has spoken and given a clear verdict in the cat naming poll.
However, he said that the body fully accepted the coroner's verdict .
The jury deliberated for more than 13 hours to reach a majority verdict .