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verbiage / словоблудие, пустословие, многословие
имя существительное
verbiage, twaddle, rant, empty rhetoric, froth, prate
verbosity, verbiage, wordiness, prolixity, redundancy, verbalization
имя существительное
speech or writing that uses too many words or excessively technical expressions.
Corruption and tyranny both hide in irrelevant public verbiage .
I've lost jobs because I'll send the contract back and there are more lines going through all the verbiage than there is verbiage .
After all, the Internet has an infinite capacity to tuck excess verbiage away where no one need be bothered by it.
We want to hose someone with verbiage until they yell uncle.
Jargon was all-pervading, and treated as a substitute for thought - excessive verbiage usually hides a basic lack of real information.
Despite the ramblings of this essay, I am left more with feeling and beingness than with text and verbiage .
Corruption and tyranny both hide in irrelevant public verbiage .
It is important that the most important and strongest statements are not buried behind excessive verbiage .
Dwarfed by the scope of the bill's radical changes, this bit of verbiage flew under the public's radar screen.
Cutting through all of the government verbiage and jargon, if you will, what is the impact over the next five years?
The rest of it appears to be superfluous verbiage to them.