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verbalize / вербализировать, выражать словами, быть многословным
выражать словами
verbalize, word, utter, phrase
быть многословным
verbalize, bloviate, verbify
express (ideas or feelings) in words, especially by speaking out loud.
they are unable to verbalize their real feelings
speak, especially at excessive length and with little real content.
the dangers of verbalizing about art
make (a word, especially a noun) into a verb.
Members of dysfunctional families tend to either withhold or not verbalize their feelings, wants, likes, and dislikes with each other.
they are unable to verbalize their real feelings
Terri no longer attempted to verbalize back to me when I spoke to her.
they are unable to verbalize their real feelings
Jade stopped, silent for a few moments as she tried to find the best way to verbalize her feelings.
It is difficult for me to verbalize my feelings for you, because mere words can't begin to express my deep love.
Hayek's achievement was to verbalize the idea of a ‘universal order of peace.’
This model can be used with children who have developed skills and can verbalize their feelings, usually age three or older.
Teachers can verbalize as they choose, use, and monitor their reading strategies.
Absent parents may express feelings of rejection if their children verbalize positive feelings for the stepparent.