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verbal / словесный, устный, вербальный
имя прилагательное
verbal, wordy, oral, nuncupative
oral, verbal, spoken, viva, viva voce, vocal
имя существительное
insult, abuse, affront, offense, outrage, verbal
неличная форма глагола
устное заявление или признание
имя прилагательное
relating to or in the form of words.
the root of the problem is visual rather than verbal
of, relating to, or derived from a verb.
a verbal adjective
имя существительное
a word or words functioning as a verb.
By being in the frame, I could direct scenes from within, rather than giving verbal directions to my actors in-between scenes.
The councillors did reverse themselves on this matter after two written and two verbal submissions from me.
Among other particular features of Albanian and other Balkan languages are a postpositive definite article and the absence of a verbal infinitive.
From absolutely nowhere Syrah ran into the verbal battle, speaking with venom in her normally controlled voice.
Why are they often able to deter attacks using merely verbal threats?
The highly verbal quality of their construction can prove an insurmountable obstacle to their success as a film.
I didn't feel up for more verbal abuse, but I still wondered where he was taking me.
Patients received written and verbal instructions on proper inhaler technique at screening and at each of the study visits.
A verbal agreement can hold more weight than, or even entirely supercede, a written one.
Healthcare providers may need to write ‘exercise prescriptions’ rather than give verbal advice to frail older adults.