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veranda / веранда, терраса
имя существительное
veranda, verandah, porch, terrace, piazza, stoop
terrace, veranda, porch, verandah, bench
имя существительное
a roofed platform along the outside of a house, level with the ground floor.
Meals are served in the house, on the veranda , or on mats placed on the ground outside the house.
A dilapidated old man sits on the veranda of a dilapidated old house.
She was at a table on the veranda overlooking the plaza, already looking at a menu.
Meet me outside on the veranda when you finish eating, please.
In traditional Karen bamboo houses, sleeping quarters for guests are on the veranda .
Rena was sitting on the veranda railing looking at eye level to Rufus.
One weekend I shared a room with Boy and his girlfriend; they slept on the veranda , leaving me the room to myself.
I carried my weight slowly like a steamship, and sat on the veranda , outside this man's shop.
A human couple relaxed on a porch swing on the veranda and Max thought the place looked peaceful.
As Mario was on his phone once again, he stood on the veranda with the door closed so no one would hear him.
Then just stretch out on the veranda - or the living room sofa - and savor a splendid but underappreciated spirit.