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veracity / правдивость, достоверность, правда
имя существительное
truthfulness, truth, veracity, honesty, verity, trueness
reliability, authenticity, veracity
truth, sooth, verity, veracity
имя существительное
conformity to facts; accuracy.
officials expressed doubts concerning the veracity of the story
After the improbability of all that recently transpired, he couldn't see fit to doubt Aarrl's veracity .
It is the duty of the referring clinician to ensure the completeness, accuracy, and veracity of the information provided.
Whether this latter prediction had any veracity is debatable, as the troubled African country has been in a state of growing crisis for years.
officials expressed doubts concerning the veracity of the story
While commentators see the company continuing to dance around the facts they will continue to doubt the veracity of its message.
We know that factual accuracy and veracity are trickier than they seem.
Unfortunately, the marketability of spy stories is determined by their drama, not by their veracity .
The end result is that there is very serious doubt about their veracity , backed by a huge body of evidence within a day of the story surfacing.
If there are any doubts about a report's veracity , they can call on the expertise of their editors instantly.
While the first one led me to question these stories' veracity , the second made me consider their politics.