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ventral / брюшной, вентральный
имя прилагательное
abdominal, ventral, enteric
имя прилагательное
of, on, or relating to the underside of an animal or plant; abdominal.
a ventral nerve cord
Just outside each vertebra, the dorsal and ventral roots unite to form a spinal nerve on each side.
The nervous system consists of a lobed dorsal brain and ventral nerve cord with fused paired ganglia.
The dorsal and ventral edges of the centra are more nearly equal in width in the larger specimens.
If either of these proteins is absent, then the motor axons select dorsal and ventral pathways randomly.
The waves continue coupled to a series of dorsal and ventral flexions of the whole body.
The skull is now quite flat, and much flatter ventrally than dorsally.
This animal swims to escape predators by repeatedly flexing its body dorsally and ventrally .
In insects, as in all arthropods, the main nerve cord lies ventrally , rather than dorsally as in vertebrates.
Adult plumage is blue-black or gray dorsally and white ventrally , sometimes with distinctive coloring or plumes on the head.
In multiple-male matings, males amplex females dorsally, ventrally , and dorsolaterally.