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ventilate / вентилировать, проветривать, провентилировать
ventilate, air, aerate
ventilate, air, aerate, wind, sweeten, course
cause air to enter and circulate freely in (a room, building, etc.).
ventilate the greenhouse well
discuss or examine (an opinion, issue, complaint, etc.) in public.
he used the club to ventilate an ongoing complaint
ventilate the greenhouse well
They also had to smash a number of windows in the chapel to ventilate the building.
Your Honours, neither of the points my friend has sought to ventilate in this Court were raised before the Court of Criminal Appeal at all.
I pull out a gun and ventilate her dinner companion
he used the club to ventilate an ongoing complaint
There remains only one matter, your Honour, which we did ventilate on the last occasion.
A sterile, second airway is needed in this instance to ventilate the lung.
he used the club to ventilate an ongoing complaint
The building was evacuated as two teams of two fire fighters entered the building to clear up the spillage and ventilate the factory.
By the same token, my friend would be able to ventilate all issues that pertain to the merits of the proposed amendment.