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vent / выход, вентиляционное отверстие, отдушина
имя существительное
output, exit, out, outlet, escape, vent
вентиляционное отверстие
vent, ventiduct, vent-hole
vent, outlet, safety valve, hole, ventage, spiracle
release, let out, produce, issue, let go, vent
express, signify, voice, convey, put, vent
vent, effuse, outpour, unbosom
имя прилагательное
vent, retractable, retractible
имя существительное
an opening that allows air, gas, or liquid to pass out of or into a confined space.
Security of air intake vents is important, especially for high-rises and large sports facilities.
the expression or release of a strong emotion, energy, etc..
children give vent to their anger in various ways
a slit in a garment, especially in the lower edge of the back of a coat through the seam.
It's made from super 120's Italian wool and features a three-button closure, side vents and pickstitched lapels.
give free expression to (a strong emotion).
he had come to vent his rage and despair
provide with an outlet for air, gas, or liquid.
clothes dryers must be vented to the outside
When the time was appropriate to give vent to her wish, she just exploded without even a proper training or a formal ‘guru’.
an air vent
So we felt it was the appropriate time where people can vent all their anger and frustration instead.
Two escape holes in the receiver ring are intended to vent escaping gases away from the shooter.
The air exhausters are used to vent the air displaced by airbag deployment and to contribute to cabin air.
The group spokesman had used this issue to vent his ire against Mr. Raghavan.
He also encouraged children to explore their creative talents and give vent to their expression.
pumice fragments pile up to form a conical heap round the vent
Chanted poems give vent to emotions like sorrow at a friend's departure.
In breeding plumage, it has a black body and head, silvery gray wings and a white vent .