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vengeance / месть, мщение
имя существительное
revenge, vengeance
vengeance, revenge
имя существительное
punishment inflicted or retribution exacted for an injury or wrong.
So in the end it sort of has a happy ending, in that you get to see Grace exact vengeance .
How can the death penalty been seen as anything other than vengeance ?
We still have a few scores to settle and last week was a great start to achieving the satisfaction of vengeance .
It would be a sin to wreak vengeance on the innocent, but it would be a temptation very tough to control.
If they fail, the electorate in due course exacts its vengeance by throwing them out.
The novel is a tale of vengeance wreaked by one jealous twin on her sister across decades, cities and continents.
But such cathartic vengeance would do nothing to curb the menace of transnational terrorism.
When do we mark the passage from justice to vengeance and from vengeance to new injustice?
The blood of these innocents will cry out to Heaven for vengeance and vengeance will be theirs.
A young chicken farmer is torn apart when he's caught between vengeance and his love of a churn girl.
The resulting outcry and desire for vengeance will rally the Arab states to another invasion.