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venerate / чтить, благоговеть
honor, respect, revere, venerate, hallow, honour
revere, venerate
regard with great respect; revere.
Mother Teresa is venerated as a saint
Hinduism asserts that all ways of belief are equally valid, and Hindus readily venerate the saints, and the sacred objects, of other faiths.
Today, pilgrims travel to Sergiyev Posad to venerate the saint's relics, and 300 seminarians study theology there.
They worship and venerate their own, but turn on players of the other side.
The all-rounder held him to be his most talented student; in turn Duleep venerated him.
Just maybe we can confront our place with awe and admiration, respect and veneration .
In effect, her job was simply to be Dawn Fraser, be inspiring to all those young Olympians who had grown up venerating her name.
So, who were those multitudes venerating the relics of St Therese in Ireland last month?
There were not only Russians in the church, but Americans, Serbs and Bulgarians as well - all venerators of St. John.
And everyone knows also that Sinn Féin, to the extent that it is separate from the IRA, not merely respects but venerates the military wing.
The Holy Icons were being destroyed, and their venerators were being severely persecuted.