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vendetta / вендетта, кровная месть, продолжительная вражда
имя существительное
кровная месть
vendetta, blood feud, deadly feud
продолжительная вражда
имя существительное
a blood feud in which the family of a murdered person seeks vengeance on the murderer or the murderer's family.
Every family cultivates its vendetta ; every clan, its feud.
Ghan and many of the natives neglected the conflict as a vendetta , but used it more often as a prize in their history.
Bolt successfully argued I was conducting a private vendetta over the public airwaves and he deserved another go.
In short, the 1915 Mistake Creek murders were the result of a ruthless vendetta between Aborigines over a woman.
The judge who made them has a personal vendetta against me and my family.
Mr Obeid blamed a vendetta by two family members for the malicious stories circulating in the media.
Mr Temple said Khan was more interested in ‘pursuing a vendetta against the family’ than calling an ambulance for his wife.
Every family cultivates its vendetta ; every clan, its feud.
Police surmise the man was led to the area and was killed there by rivals over a business conflict or a personal vendetta .
I am determined to show that these claims are the result of a vendetta being waged because of a personal grudge.
It was already alleged that I was pursuing a vendetta against him.