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vend / продавать, торговать
sell, market, sell out, vend, merchandise, merchandize
trade, sell, deal, traffic, merchandise, vend
offer (small items, especially food) for sale, especially either from a stall or from a slot machine.
there was a man vending sticky cakes and ices
She used to vend young coconuts as a drink on the wayside.
School age children are being put to work for family business or sent out by their parents to vend in the streets or beg.
Below the glamour, glitter, and stardom, the bottom line of the music industry is to obtain high-quality content as cheaply as possible and to vend that content to as many people as possible for the highest price the markets will bear.
Some countries like Malta vend soft drinks from machines in glass bottles which is no use if you aren't carrying a bottle opener as I found out!
Inside and outside ballparks and arenas, there are always people vending programs.
Like manufacturers, however, they generally add value to vendible commodities.
All flavors are available in bulk bags for retail sales, while eight come in prepacks for vending .
Such children in rural areas help their parents on subsistence farms, while in the shanty areas of towns school dropouts engage in petty street vending .
By now readers will have guessed that I am addressing the vexing question of roadside vending , and why, in spite of decades of attempts to eradicate what is illegal and most times unsightly, the authorities have failed.
While there is a legal working age of eighteen, this is not enforced, and many children are engaged in farm work and street vending .