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venal / продажный, корыстный, подкупной
имя прилагательное
corrupt, venal, purchasable, bribable, reptile, vendible
mercenary, venal, sordid, interested, vendible
venal, vendible, bribable
имя прилагательное
showing or motivated by susceptibility to bribery.
why should these venal politicians care how they are rated?
The political institution and party to which he has devoted a political career spanning half a century are utterly venal .
Ambition for power and other venal motivations are built into the structure of democracy.
That said, of course there are many self serving, venal politicians.
In hindsight, we know that much of the prosperity was a bubble fueled by venal corporate criminals.
What damages teenagers is an adult world which caricatures them as vain, promiscuous, stupid and venal .
Those visionaries passed and were replaced by venal men who don't care for independence or sovereignty and who want to sell the country to the US.
From this perspective, could any commercial interest be otherwise than venal ?
The National candidate is portrayed as a venal , cynical and arrogant.
Starring Eric Idle as a director, it portrays everyone in Hollywood as either effete New Agers or venal bullies.
The emotional depth of the cast, whether it's Graham or one of his venal bosses, lends a dramatic weight to the story.