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velveteen / вельвет
имя существительное
velveteen, corduroy, velvet, cotton velvet, fustian
имя существительное
a cotton fabric with a pile resembling velvet.
Textures included silk velvets, velveteen and devorés, and satins.
Paris came over and sat next to Nathan on the chocolate brown velveteen sofa.
And Juicy, a newish LA-based casualwear label favoured by actresses and singers, sold out of their candy-coloured velveteen suits in a matter of weeks.
The cloak is worth £800 because of the silk velveteen .
velveteen ballet slippers
I changed my school clothes, leaving them in a heap on the floor and took a velveteen dress from the armoire.
Come daylight, I decided to try the first class bar with its rows of squishy green velveteen sofas and tatty carpet.
There behind the checkbook and bank statements was a heavier object wrapped in velveteen fabric.
She shrugged out of her long velveteen traveling cloak.
Carpeted floor, tables set with crisp white cloths and large, comfortable, blue velveteen chairs set the stage for the tasty feast ahead.
It had those cream coloured walls and carpet, heavy black velveteen curtains and black furniture.