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velocity / скорость, быстрота
имя существительное
speed, velocity, rate, pace, rapidity, quickness
rapidity, speed, swiftness, quickness, rate, velocity
имя прилагательное
velocity, rapid, high-speed, fast-moving
имя существительное
the speed of something in a given direction.
the velocities of the emitted particles
The further away from the center of rotation that the torque is applied the more velocity it causes.
the tank shot backward at an incredible velocity
A gauss rifle is a rifle that throws an iron slug at an incredibly high velocity .
The velocity of circulation was assumed to be unchanged.
The two bodies will meet at a relative velocity of 10.3 kilometers per second.
It dealt only with a specific type of motion: objects moving at a constant velocity .
Similarly, if two objects are moving with the same velocity , one with twice the mass of the other also has twice the momentum.
velocity of sound
But you don't have to be a dot-com executive to see how the Internet accelerates business velocity .
A rain droplet's readiness to fall and its fall velocity are not controlled by the density of the droplet, but by its size.