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veld / вельд, степь
имя существительное
veld, veldt
steppe, prairie, veld, veldt
имя существительное
open, uncultivated country or grassland in southern Africa. It is conventionally classified by altitude into highveld, middleveld, and lowveld.
South Africa's eastern coastal zone has relatively high rainfall, but the western veld tapers into the Kalahari desert.
Klipriviersberg, in the south, has 680 hectares of open veld and unspoilt koppies for hiking.
The Garden is a delight of immaculate lawns and shady trees for picnics, combined with open veld with indigenous grasses, shrubs and trees.
While you're down south, check out Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve, a big piece of veld that has traces of Jo'burg's history of early indigenous peoples, going back 500 years.
Beyond the shops was bare veld ; nowadays this is the rundown residential area of Kliptown.
Dusk falls across the South African veld and the young men trot on to the floodlit pitch for another evening's training.
It is a plot of around 20 acres, with veld surrounding the koppie, which is around 80 metres high.
In the west are well-watered hills, rich in iron ore, from which run several rivers to the dry veld in the middle of the country.
When the house was built the view north was largely of bare veld .
Cattle and sheep were grazed largely on the open veld well into the twentieth century.
Five kilometres from the city centre is an indigenous piece of veld of great historical importance to the people of Johannesburg.